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What is a Certified Copy and how many Certified Copies do I need to Order?

A certified legal copy of your deed poll is a recognised duplicate of your original deed poll, which enables you to send out multiple copies of your deed poll to speed up the process.

We recommend ordering a minimum of 8 - 10 copies, as you will need to notify all organisations with your records of your name change such as Employer, Inland Revenue, Mortgage provider, TV license office etc.

By ordering certified legal copies you can update all official records in weeks, and prevents delays in the process by sending photocopies that will get rejected by all major organisations such as HM passport office, DVLA and banks. (certified copies)
Please select how many Certified Copies you would like *

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use photocopies of your Deed Poll, a copy needs to be certified by us for it to be accepted.

Would you like us to Archive your Childs Deed Poll & Certified Copy in our Secure Digital Vault? *

We now offer an additional service that securely stores a copy of your Drafted Deed Poll and Certified copies in our encrypted secure digital vault.

This means that if you lose or misplace your Original Deed Poll, then you can contact us and will will be able to order a replacement Deed Poll with the original date and details without having to go through the whole process again. At £1.99 this offers excellent value and peace of mind.

Please select a Delivery Option *

Standard Delivery will take 3 - 5 days to arrive.
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Child Replacement Deed Poll - *£9.99
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